31 Aug 2017

School bags are getting heavier and our kid’s necks, shoulders and spines are bearing the brunt.

Secondary school students carry the heaviest loads at a time when their adolescent spines are developing and their muscular strength has not reached adequate levels of maturity. 

Research shows that up to 77% of secondary school students report musculo...

31 Aug 2017

Many rugby viewers will recognize the commentator's statement : “Aaah…… looks like his AC joint Murray”. Just what is the “AC joint”, and how is this common injury best managed.

Injury to the collarbone (clavicle) and acromioclavicular joint are a common consequence to falls directly onto the shoulder or and outstretched hand. The force is transm...

31 Aug 2017

When your physiotherapist suggests that some exercise would be good for you, have you ever stopped to consider why?

CONSIDER NO LONGER. Listed below are some of the many benefits gained by some regular exercise.  If you are unsure as to how to start or what to do, your physiotherapist can help advise you.

50 Reasons to Exercise:

1.   Reduces your...

31 Aug 2017

We are all conscious of the fact that today’s lifestyle means that we spend more of our working and leisure time sitting. We drive to and from work, work at a desk, drive a truck or taxi, sit at school.

We drive home, sit to eat and then relax in front of the computer or television. The adverse effects of this on our health are fairly obvious; ne...

31 Aug 2017

Low back injury from lifting is a major source of disability in western society.  Every week hundreds of individuals In New Zealand will visit their Doctor, Physiotherapist or Health Care Professional seeking relief from the discomfort and loss of function of low back pain related to lifting.

The cost to the country in compensation claims and los...

31 Aug 2017

Most of us recognise osteoporosis as a disease of old age, and in most cases this is when the problems associated with osteoporosis are most evident.

Osteoporosis describes the loss of bone density and disruption of normal bone architecture with a greater risk of bone fracture. The degree of bone density loss is determined by many factors such as...

30 Aug 2017

As physiotherapists we see many people who are unable to work for a period of time as a consequence of illness or injury. Most will get back to work within a week or two, but a number will not. We all inherently understand that there are benefits, apart from the obvious ones, in working. However there is a growing body of evidence to illustrate...

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